He who has an ear to hear...

He who has an ear to hear...

He who has an ear to hear... He who has an ear to hear...

He who has an ear to hear...

He who has an ear to hear...

He who has an ear to hear... He who has an ear to hear... He who has an ear to hear...

I stand at the door knocking


I stand at the door knocking

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Revivalusa was created to provide a platform for the remnant of the body of Christ. Its teachings are Holy Spirit driven and not for the faint hearted. We will be linking with other platforms to help provide the most informative, encouraging and uplifting source for those hungry for truth and to walk according to His will. No one person and therefore website can possibly have all the answers. It is our desire to capture the essence of His direction for those with ears to hear in these last days. We are hoping to stir the reader. encourage prayer and deeper thought. Questions are welcomed as that is the only way we learn.

Coming events

Staying on top of upcoming events may be interesting even from our perspective, because so much is happening on a daily basis. We will try to keep abreast of major events and what minor events that may still be of great significance. It most cases these upcoming events will require prayer. Not just for the outcome or lack of one but also for insight into what the Lord is saying in this event. 


"We overcome by the blood of the Lamb, the word of our testimony and martyrdom." There is great power in testimonies. I am always encouraged by hearing brothers and sisters enduring trials and persecutions. It strengthens me. 

I highly encourage believers to read "The heavenly man". It's the remarkable true story of Chinese Christian brother Yun. 

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Frequently asked questions

Why does a God of Love command the Jews to kill entire tribes, women and children included?

This is part of the problem of not having the book of Enoch in the modern Bible. The book of Giants and the book of Jasher are all books that help shed more light on what God says in Genesis 6:4. It is clear that the perverted flesh by the fallen angels had ruined the Amorites and for them to continue would be harmful to all of mankind and especially His people the Hebrews. It was an act of love to protect Israel and the seed that would bring Jesus to save so many more. 

Why does God allow evil in the world?

Adam and Eve could not withstand the wiles of the devil because they had no concept of death and destruction. Nor did they have understanding of how great was His love. To see the fullness of love it has to be tested. Forgiveness and mercy, longsuffering and patience all have to have sin, iniquity and a fallen nature to grasp just how much He loves. It's really quite simple.

Why did God create man?
Doctrinally debated for centuries, this question still causes many  to stumble today. Because God is love. Love needs a catalyst. Love needs an object to act upon and with. We were created for Him to love us. We are designed to receive His love. The enemy of our souls lives to trick us into not believing. Remember John 3:16?

How can the Bible be trusted? It was written by man.
Yes the Bible was written by man. All of the books were carefully selected by man also. Man has also decided that certain books once common to believers are now no longer in the Bible. Yes, the new testament is full of contradictions but only in the gospel accounts. Remember they are accounts of the eye witnesses. (Two people witnessing the same event will see things slightly different - proven fact)
When it comes to the prophetic nature of the entire Bible however, never has a single prophesy been wrong. Some scholars estimate as many as 2500 prophecies without a miss...that's quite a record.  Yes some things are hard to determine, but that is why it is important to also use a concordance to get the original Hebrew or Greek meaning. The bottom line is that God inspired men to pen these books. They have incredible historical and archaeological value, but they are useful for correction, reproof, for instruction in righteousness.
1 Timothy 3:16

To triangulate where we are on God's timeline



Biblical Prophesy

Biblical Prophesy

A good way to know the importance of something is to discern what the father of lies is distorting. There has been a major move to re-write history. Our youth are taught lies. Our founding fathers are greatly maligned. The history of America is ablaze in the gospel power and its influence on government creation, higher learning institutions, and the traditional values once honored. 

Knowledge is good for today but wisdom prepares us for tomorrow. There is no greater teacher of wisdom than history.

"Those who fail to learn from history are condemned to repeat it."

Winston Churchill


Biblical Prophesy

Biblical Prophesy

Biblical Prophesy

Some sources report over 2,500 prophesies in the Bible. Not a one has ever been wrong. Some remain unfulfilled, while others are unfolding before our very eyes.
Jesus said to "take heed how you hear". In fact Jesus is quoted by John in the book of Revelation 22:7 - "Behold, I am coming quickly! Blessed is he who keeps the words of this book."

The prophetic is mysterious and haunting, powerful and exhilarating. No man will understand all but we are compelled to pursue. His words draw us in, stirring the imagination, frightening the fearful, encouraging the brave, and uplifting the faithful. His words are ominous and brash, Kingly and mighty. They are daily bread and water to never thirst. 

"Where there is no prophetic vision, the people cast off restraint..."

Proverbs 29:18 


Current events

Biblical Prophesy

Current events

Jesus warned that the end times will be defined as in the days of Noah. Noah faced a flood and today we face a flood of deceit.  According to 2nd Thessalonians, only those who hunger for truth will escape this flood and not perish. To navigate we need the helper who will lead us into all truth. We must be guided not just by the written word (logos), but by every (rhema) word that comes out of His mouth. The Holy Spirit will provide the gift of discernment to weather the storm of deceit and the flood of lies.  

"If you don't read the news paper you are uninformed, if you read the newspaper you are misinformed."

Mark Twain

Revival Blogging

Lord I need You

Imagine the cry of our heart in a song. Lord I need You is a very personal cry of the heart. Now imagine that same cry from the heart and soul of what made America great. America needs You Lord!